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You bring up very good points SNeacail, I've missed your input while I was away . I think I'm just tired of having to do that. The first few times I did bring it up to him. Like our anniversary I said " I know you haven't seen her all weekend but this is supposed to be our time.I'm trying not to get upset and understand that she's been out of town and you haven't talked to her, but we have plans so can you wrap it up." And he did. But after every time I get more and more frustrated. I kind of feel like "Why should I have to? Is our spending time together not as important as talking about a larp?" And I know that some of it is her getting upset when he does end a chat quickly so he tries to avoid dealing with her being upset by putting me on the back burner. But lately I kind of feel like screaming "When is it my turn?"

Brigidsdaughter- I usually end up right beside him, like I did last night, for the same reasons. Unfortunately I think the annoyance of me reading over his shoulder is wearing off. I've taken to getting my snuggle time by laying my head on his shoulder while he types.

Over all it's a large combination of things. He gets sucked in to things easily and loses track of how long he's been lost. When I bring it up he gets annoyed with me harping on him. He doesn't want to deal with her getting upset. I've given up on speaking up and therefore am not communicating as I should. She, not living here, isn't realizing how much time he spends lost in the computer so she doesn't realize how important those few hours of 'us' time is to me. Our move has placed every one out of sorts and we're all dealing in our own ways. And as it usually falls back to, our love languages are completely different and we tend to forget that and then neglect the others needs without realizing it.

And it's not all bad and terrible. He's been amazingly supportive with my getting my business off the ground. Including only whining a little bit about being asked to sit through my presentation on jewelry. He's been helping me pack as much as his back injury allows. He's helped with getting the house ready for my first few nights of jewelry shows. The support I'm getting even though he finds the jewelry business to be dreadfully boring, has been so needed and such a blessing. I'm pretty happy with the other areas of life. I'm just missing some one on one time with my hubby.
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