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It appears I still have some residual baggage from Cricket. I've been putting off bringing up an issue with Pixi out of fear of her reaction. With us moving, we're all little out of sorts in one way or another. But I finally brought it up today, and big surprise it was fine.

Karma has this grand ability to say he's going to spend the evening with me and then spend it talking online, usually with Pixi. I haven't been saying much, just letting it go until the conversation ends, but it's getting harder and harder to ignore. They chatted for over an hour the night of our anniversary, they chat for hours on end just about every night. It was part of my whole suffocation issue.

I understand that they don't see each other as often as if they were living together. Because of this I try to respect their time and not call or chat with him online when he is with her. If I do call it's 30 second of "bring __ home with you on your way back please."

With my family in town and starting my business along with being sick, I couldn't tell you the last time we had sex. I'm kind of going crazy. So last night we 'scheduled' it for after I took care of some of business stuff. I got home and he was online. I waited...and waited...and waited...and then finally went to bed out of frustration. He had told Pixi earlier in the day that he was staying home and spending the evening with me. I was a little irritated with both of them. Him for staying online and chatting and her for starting the chat to begin with. I respect their time together, I would appreciate the same.

When I brought it up today she completely agreed and was fine with discouraging online chats during 'our' time. She thought we had already spent some time together.

So while I'm frustrated, I'm also relieved that it went so well.
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