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It sounds like you've worked out a pretty good split. If you wanted to let them have even more alone time, you could spend more time away, or they could go away (if affordable) for a little getaway on the weekends, a hotel or condo rental... always romantic to get away.

As for me, I lived (technically) apart from my gf for 4 years. I'd drive in to Boston 20 miles see her pretty much every Friday or Saturday, and spend until Monday or Tuesday with her. If she had free time, she'd sometimes come to my place for a week now and then. (She works from home, I work parttime.)

So on the days of the week I wasn't with her, I'd date/spend time with the various guys I was involved with over the years. For a while in the beginning of 2011, I was seeing 2 men. I'd see one of them (The Gentleman) every other Monday for an evening date while in Boston, not sleep over, and then see Ginger at my place on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.

Now, finally, I am moving in with miss pixi and I am only 7 miles from Ginger! So far it's worked out that I get to see him more often, two or three times a week instead of just once. Sometimes for a sleepover, sometimes just for a few hour date. Less driving for him and me is a big relief!

Ginger and miss p get along, but I still do spend some energy making sure no one feels left out or needing more attention. Ginger is also a hinge, since he's married, but his wife doesn't seem to mind him being gone a lot; he's always had gfs and she's always liked lots of alone time.
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