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Thanks for the great links on this thread.

My husband and I are learning to understand each other as well.

As Galagirl has mentioned in other threads, one of the hardest things is when a partner has assumptions about the marriage ('we're married so that's it, marriage means monogamous'), or like me, I am just finally realizing that I've always been non-monogamous and how to reconcile that with my marriage. My husband feels like I've sprung something on him, I think.

Right now, I just need my husband to understand me, but that doesn't mean I need to act on it.

The funny thing is, I'm not really any different than I ever have been, but the up front discussions and honesty about it makes him crazy!! Although he has never really been a jealous or insecure person in the past.

So a lot of what you're talking about resonates with me and all the discussion is helpful.
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