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I never said it was,
however I am saying: If one's hurt one should leave the relationship preferably peacefully: If in such a situation one isn't sufficiently hurt to leave a relationship because one wants to genuinely stay with the other party, then one needs to continue to consider the needs of the other party in the relationship of course if ones needs aren't met, even if one wants to stay in a relationship one ought to leave. which doesn't technically mean one can't try a relationship again, and asides their always remains the possibility of the partner being simply: promiscuity, homosexuality, and-or bisexulity[Correction: grammatical error now made more amusingly consistent]

Personally I don't like the term cheating being thrown out their with lack of exact information, for example where the boundaries clearly communicated? why should I trust pertparty369 other than good faith if she says yes?„ was boy-friend demanding that she be monogamous, and is the cause of the relationship issue that he had the upper hand in the relationship, or couldn't be polygamous?, was she the one demanding that her boy-friend be such, in a controlling manner? not to mention, how would the other boyfriend be affected?~ Asides from that I don't even know if he understands what poly means[not to mention isn't even poly], heck not even all polies know or use the term polyamorous to describe themselves especially outside of the internet.

– Assides from the ambiguities, their are few if any possibilities where this problem wouldn't go away by breaking up: I also don't see the point in experimenting[isn't knowledge of and even about ones sexuality innate?] to see if one likes a certain relationship, asides if one wants to experiment, do so in a figurative sandbox;[Besides every form of relationship fails], just like i'd experiment with dam building in a literal sandbox, given the opportunity, and the challenge to build a dam in a sand stone environment.

Also even assides everything i've said theirs no reason for a mono person to put up with a biperson being controlling.
– I’m trying to be very clear because I don't feel comfortable responding any further.

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