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Originally Posted by nouryia View Post
I love my boyfriend very much and I want him to continue to be a part of my life but it feels like our relationship will never grow into more, yet he and I both want it to. And that's a hard thing to swallow...
If both you and him really want things to be different, why can't they be different? From what you describe though it seems like you are the only one who wants things to change. Your situation sounds like something I would not put up with for a week, let alone years...

Originally Posted by nouryia View Post
The needs and wants of the secondaries are often just not considered as important. The primaries don't need to check with the secondaries about anything (...)
well, in my poly life things are very different. I tell my husband where I'm going and with whom, I don't ask him. I can go on vacation by myself, with a friend or a lover. We don't forbid or allow each other anything. The only time he asked me to spend a little less time with my BF was when husband was hurting over his cheating GF.
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