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Could pay attention to the nonverbal and the paraverbal and not just the verbal. If his mouth is saying "It is ok" verbally but everything else is screaming "NO!" -- could not go there at this time.

When you get mixed signals? Could ignore the "talk" and believe more in the the "walk." Be nicer if he had the skills/strength so he could talk the talk and walk the walk and have both of them match.

But "talk" is nothing without substance to back it up. If he's got "talk" but "wobbling walk?" Could keep talking it out but don't actually try any openings right now.

I don't know if reading my blog thoughts on that helps you or not. I certainly empathize. You want to be able to share emotional intimacy with your DH about a part of your life that is important to you and he's basically not wanting to hear any of that. It can feel like rejection.

Sigh. Hang in there.

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