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we are working on it and so far so good....He comes in from work friday evening at some point so their time alone for the night is normally friday but we just wordered what others do to make a fair split. Saturday is a toss up if they are feeling it they sometimes have alone time saturday as well although so far she has come back to our bed for the night, sunday is hit and miss for them and she always sleeps with me that night even if they get together at some point. The 3 of us have come up with friday pretty much every week for them to spend the night can be a little awkward if I stay at the house cause I feel they are not really alone if I am there and can hear them making love so sometimes I stay out really late or sleep at a rental we have if it is vacant as it is now so as not to disturb or infulance their time. She and I have a rock solid relationship for 23 years and she is with me all week anyway so I don't feel I am "cheated" out of time and of course sex. I just sometimes worry that their is too much pressure on her to make sure we are both happy and satisfied.
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