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I know that at least for out relationship needs and feelings matter equally. The key for us is communication. Myself and my wife are in a poly v with her being the "hinge". Her bf gets time alone with her and they do spend the night together, sometimes in our bed as it is more comfortable then his although it is only 1 room away. Time splitting is something we are working on but so far we have worked out a schedule that seems good for all. It may be a little different as he is only home weekends due to work but they get at least 1 night during the weekend together alone for the night and all 3 of us are very happy with it. We talk about what works and doesn't, no secerts are kept and we all know what is going on so for us at least feelings and needs matter all the way around. normally during the weekend we are all cuddled up on the couch and yes sometimes he gets some extra time with her if they feel the need but at least 1 night on the days he is home is in the plans.
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