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I could not force myself to sleep 17 hours. Even when I crashed after not sleeping for days, I still could not sleep that long. I do not know the last time I could sleep eight hours in one swing. I have a built in clock that is my enemy. It is not fair! I hope you were well rested.

My grandfather was not part of my life. His wife was, and I consider her my step-grandmother. She was at the hospital when I was born and everything. My grandfather was a man whore. He cheated on my grandmother, and she left him. He cheated on his wife and had three children with the mistress. She had enough balls to name her oldest after him and took that option away from my step-grandmother. My grandmother went on to remarry, and the man that raised my mum was the only father she knew. My bio grandfather was in her life, but they were not close. Every so often he would call and they would have these long in-depth conversations, but daddy material he was not. He fell ill in 2006 or 2007. We knew it was terminal. He was in stage 3 or 4 of lung and throat cancer. He had been a lifelong smoker. I remember visiting him when he was hospitalised. I worked at the hospital, so I was able to see him and finally have a relationship after all those years. He unofficially "met" my daughter while she was still in the womb. It was hard for me to accept that he would never meet her. It was also hard for me to accept his mistress standing by his death bed and outside of the church the day of his funeral. She was acting like his wife, and if I had not been pregnant, I probably would have kicked her arse. It was disrespectful on so many levels. He passed in August 2008. I was grateful for the time we had, but I would pay any price to be able to have those years back. His death hit me harder than I expected. I figured I knew him but I did not know him. I figured I would bounce back with ease. I was in for a rude awakening.

I encourage Karma to work through any issues he has with his grandmother and his father and try to be there in his time of need. The worst thought is wondering, "What if I had said this, that, or done x when I had the chance?" Continue to be there for him and support him as best as possible. Sending you both hugs.

I hope your niece enjoys her recital. I also hope you all get settled in your new home with ease.
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