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Originally Posted by nouryia View Post
The needs and wants of the secondaries are often just not considered as important. The primaries don't need to check with the secondaries about anything but as secondaries, we can't go catch a freaking movie without clearing it with 3 people and possibly ending up having to take some of them along because they'd LOVE to go too. I wish that the considerations flowed both ways. My boyfriend means as much to me as my husband and I'm sure I do to him as well. But the reality is that we have to make do with what's left after our live-in mates and families are all happy and taken care of and we're supposed to be THANKFUL that we're allowed to even see each other. Geez, thanks, I guess..
And you are happy in this kind of arrangement?

At BEST that sounds like being an unappreciated employee, at worst it sounds like being a stray dog hanging around hoping to get fed.
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