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Default New in TX

Hi everyone,

New to this lifestyle. My hubby and I have been swingers since we met (its actually how we met) but I don't think that lifestyle was ever for me. I tried poly when I was 20 and don't think I was emotionally ready for it. I am new to it again and honestly still not completely sure. However, I have my husband of 13 years that I had to move away from for grad school and my boyfriend of almost 6 weeks that is slowly evolving.

Even when I wasn't technically poly, I had a close male friend that was everything to me but sex. In fact, everyone called him my second husband. My new boyfriend took the place of that relationship miss.

I believe no one person can be everything for another. However, I am very worried because our culture has placed in us this need to be monogamous (which as a biologist I understand is totally unnatural). I hope to learn from successful relationships here so that we can all be happy. Thats really all I want, for everyone to feel loved and fulfilled in life.

I have a situation that makes things more complex. My husband and I have an 8 year old son. My major concern is that I do not damage him psychologically in any way.

I look forward to getting to meet everyone here and learn lots.
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