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I'm glad things went well from everyone's perpective - Happy, Happy, Joy!

Originally Posted by sterling119 View Post
A question for all in a v relationship from us is how do you split time? both home and bedroom time and what works best for you?

This is going to greatly depend on the individual people involved and the levels of alone/couple/together time that each person wants/needs. I think the "love languages" come into play here as well. We all live together full-time and I am the only one who works outside the hose. They get their "friend" time while I am at work and we spend non-sexy evening times all together - doing things together or separately or with one but not both.

My relationship with MrS is much more built on sharing of values and ideas - we emotionally bond over intellectual conversation (sharing the "love language" of quality time). Dude is much more physical/emotive (love languages - "physical touch" and "words of affirmation") - so he gets most of the bedroom sexy times.

If one of us feels the need for alone time...or couple time...we just do that! There is not a planned schedule. (It probably helps that we are all pretty independent people with plenty of shared, and NOT shared, interests.)

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