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Default get to the root of his needs with you, and his needs seperately with her.

[QUOTE=ATX;194718]There is such a thing as an affair of the heart.[QUOTE]

This is one of the ideas I find myself struggling with on a daily basis.

A lot of my past relationships failed because I failed to recognize that even if it was with platonic friends your lovers can become jealous of where your energies are being dispensed if their needs aren't being met at all.

I think I also understand a bit of his resistance to dropping this girl when she was welcomed in in the first place..

It's a tough spot to be in, trying to go backwards.
It's important to get back to the basics of you two, what brought you together and made you special without her in the first place.

He may be feeling pressure from you and simply acting against it in a moment of defiance, forgetting the needs of your family...

I think a talk about what he wants from your relationship going forward is crucial. Figure out from his needs why he feels it is okay to keep going forward with her, when you two are clearly falling behind as a couple. Some insight might help clarify why he feels your needs aren't as important...

Sorry this is happening
Where is the hurry?

It is very pleasant to stand here talking; and life is so short and insecure that I would not hurry away from any pleasures - no, not even from one so mild as this.
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