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Default Time split weekend

Well, the weekend came and went. Friday while I was out for the night so they could have alone time since they had not been together for almost 2 weeks. I was told j was there when she came home around 10 or a little after. She did some things around the house and they sat down to a nice pot of coffee, talking and enjoying each others company for about an hour. I had not seen him that day and she hadn't either so he did not know the plan for the weekend. She asked him if he would like to spend the night with her in our bed as we had talked and thought they needed some time to relax and enjoy eachother totally with no one around. He was very happy about the plan and they retired to our upstairs bedroom for the night. She said they kissed, had some nice foreplay and went on to make love for quite a while enjoying several positions and both having those good tension releasing They cuddled up and slept the night away peacefully with her waking in the morning for work and him giving her a nice kiss and telling her how much he enjoyed the night. I got back to our house mid morning having a bite to eat and some coffee. J came downstairs and could not be more happy. We have now decided all together that split time on the weekends for whole nights might be a better plan although we will see how it goes but it sure worked this last weekend as all were very happy and content. A question for all in a v relationship from us is how do you split time? both home and bedroom time and what works best for you?
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