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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
I think I'm missing the cheating part. If you've already written about it somewhere in this tome, I apologize in advance for asking how their relationship got started? Was it am emotional or physical affair that you weren't aware of?
its been a year of development into Mono deciding to try out poly. Go back to last June (2012) and read from there. First it was admitting love development with his friend swearing he could only ever love her and me. Then he went about it thinking that cheating would be the answer. An open relationship where we would have a don't ask don't tell policy. I didn't agree to that so he had a relationship of some kind anyway with a woman from my sons school. That didn't pan out and I heard more of the details of it when he met T. Its been a few weeks of my full realization of his story in terms secrets and deception, his subsequent decision to be honest and try poly, and to try it with T. I'm catching up with a year long story that I wasn't fully made part of or aware of and grappling with his possible new relationship. I'm getting there, but I believe I have a right to take the time I need and be grieving as I am. I have lost what I know. He has changed long ago but for me its really new. Or at least his full disclosure of it is.
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