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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
You're right. I'm sure she doesn't want to hear me complain.

I wrote her again last night and told her that my perspective and thoughts are skewed by grief and that it can be expected that I might come off as negative. The nature of my messages have been informative more than anything as I haven't been sure she is being told why I am struggling so much. I asked her what her attraction is as she knows what its like to be involved in a cheating relationship and I am surprised she would not have some feelings about that kind of behaviour. I haven't mentioned my feelings towards him. But ya. It would come off as negative.

We seem to have some talk going on now. I'm understanding more. Its a start.
I think I'm missing the cheating part. If you've already written about it somewhere in this tome, I apologize in advance for asking how their relationship got started? Was it an emotional or physical affair that you weren't aware of?

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