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I have been in a crotchety mood all day. I am usually really happy, but today has not been my day. I have no idea if the rise in my hormones is to blame, or if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, need to take a nap, and try it again.

My husband just returned home, and he was trying to cheer me up. He knew something was off when I told him I would not be at the airport to meet his flight. I was off and still did not go. I was happy to see him. I needed a hug, and his timing was immaculate. Sometimes a simple, "I know," and a hug is all I need. I told him about my day, and he offered to take our children out for a couple of hours to give me some space. I am very happy he was not trying to force me to talk to him. I know he is there and will listen and let me cry in his arms, if I get to that point.

I am working on dinner. Nothing special. My co-worker gave me a recipe for chicken lasagne, and luckily we had everything required in the pantry and freezer. It only takes an hour or so to make, and it is baking now.

I am grateful for this time alone. I am feeling a bit better. Monday's are more chaotic than every other day of the week. I am going to do some yoga while they are out and try to come back down to a normal level. I am going to channel my energy by meditating, too. We have things to discuss when they get home, and I dislike the idea of putting it off until later. We have been apart for four and a half days, and a few things have happened that need to be talked about in greater detail.
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