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Originally Posted by evad View Post
While experience might not make you the be all, end all, it does mean you have experience. You might be wise to really listen to the story. Then when you have more perspective, make your decision.

If you really think 98% of the time experience is worthless, the problem is definitely with you, not with age and experience.

Sorry for interrupting. I have enjoyed reading your stories.
No need to apologise. Experience comes in handy. I will not refute that. I clash with my "elders" all the time, so I keep my distance.

Age just does not equal wisdom in my eyes. Some people figure because they are older and have experienced some things, I am supposed to automatically listen because they are older. Most of the time, I find myself thinking, "Why in the world should I listen to you?" The problem is they generally have [unrelated] experience(s) under their belt, and they are judgemental and too opinionated when they know nothing. I see no actual benefit of listening to someone like that. I can appreciate an objective POV, but that is like going to a marriage counsellor who has been divorced several times and expecting him or her to facilitate in saving my marriage. Several failed attempts at marital bliss and that is the person I am supposed to entrust the future of my marriage to? If faced with that, I would pass. I guess some would say that counsellor's failed attempts at marriage serve as "experience" and what not to do. I do not see it that way.
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