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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
I have an aversion to people older than me. Not all of them. Just the ones that think that age and experience have made them the be all and end all. Being older does not mean you know a fucking thing. 98% of the time, they only know half of what they think. I also have found that my older counterparts are some of the most messed up, overly opinionated, judgemental egotistical people I have ever had the most unfortunate pleasure of meeting.
While experience might not make you the be all, end all, it does mean you have experience. You might be wise to really listen to the story. Then when you have more perspective, make your decision. That doesn't mean they are right as the variables are never identical. But they could provide you a new way to think about things.

If you really think 98% of the time experience is worthless, the problem is definitely with you, not with age and experience.

Sorry for interrupting. I have enjoyed reading your stories.
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