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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
Your issues with him are germane to your relationship with him. Not sure that its right or decent to lay your soul bare (or complain about him) to someone who doesn't want or need to hear it. Besides, if you were her, would you view someone like yourself as being remotely objective about Mono? Hope not.

Were I her, I'd avoid you like the plague, in a polite sort of way. Being in lala land would have nothing to do with it.
You're right. I'm sure she doesn't want to hear me complain.

I wrote her again last night and told her that my perspective and thoughts are skewed by grief and that it can be expected that I might come off as negative. The nature of my messages have been informative more than anything as I haven't been sure she is being told why I am struggling so much. I asked her what her attraction is as she knows what its like to be involved in a cheating relationship and I am surprised she would not have some feelings about that kind of behaviour. I haven't mentioned my feelings towards him. But ya. It would come off as negative.

We seem to have some talk going on now. I'm understanding more. Its a start.
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