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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
The meeting went well. The kids really took to Pixi. Including my niece asking Pixi to braid her hair and then braid Uncle Karma's. It was adorable! My brother and sister in law both had good things to say about her.
Aww. Children are beyond precious, and their innocence and adorableness is absolutely endearing.

They were in town to help me get my business started and that went well. And then we did the touristy things. Walking all over every where including two malls. By the end I was dead. I slept for 17hrs straight and thankfully Karma was home with me b/c I was in so much pain I could barley walk. My sister in law commented on how nice it is to see us happy and in love. She was so proud of how encouraging he was about starting my business and how attentive he is to me.
17 hours?! Bloody hell. In my dreams, I cannot even achieve that. That was sweet of your SIL. Happiness is infectious.

On the sad end of things, Karma's Gma is in the hospital in Ohio. It's an odd place for him as he doesn't really know her and there's some not so good history there, yet he feels he should be there for his dad. It's a difficult thing to see him struggle with, but I'm trying to be as supportive as I can.
I hope his grandmother will be okay. At best, he should be there for his father. Kudos to you for being supportive. Offer support and just be a sounding board for him. It is a precarious situation, and one I know all too well about. In my case, I do not have the chance to make amends and have a relationship with my grandfather. I wish I did.

Sending hugs to you both.
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