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Originally Posted by CandyBunnii View Post
These were my ground rules and all of them agreed to it. In the end it didn't matter because all of them pulled the "me or him" or "me or her" card T___T
I suspect you weren't paying very close attention as you were getting involved with these people. There were probably jealousy and competitive issues early on which you missed because of NRE. Anyone who would demand (or even politely ask) for you to become monogamous for their benefit is WAY too self-centered and immature to be non-monogamous.

Originally Posted by CandyBunnii View Post
We closed our relationship, became exclusive to each other only and got married. We're still married and I couldn't be happier. My husband tries to be a different person almost every day, so I wouldn't feel the need to date another. I don't remember the exact words but he said something like:

"I want to be the only one for you. If that means for me to be different so that you wouldn't need to date another man/woman, so be it".

Basically, he's wearing multiple hats at once. There are times when he's the same old guy I fell in love with, and then there are times where he completely catches me off guard and I'm like, "who is he?". I'm perfectly fine with this set up and I try to be random too so he wouldn't miss anything either
You guys are actively behaving in ways that are not genuine just so the other person won't have the desire to be with anyone else? And this is the preferred method??? That is confusing and more than a little gross.

Originally Posted by CandyBunnii View Post
My question is: If you're in a close relationship currently and may or may not have plans to open your relationship in the future, are you still considered poly?[/I]
Does a monogamous person who is single stop being monogamous because they aren't dating anyone at the moment?
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