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I'm with Emm in that your primary goal should be to figure your own shit out (though put much more eloquently by Emm) first. The decision about whether or not to enter into this new arrangement should come *after* you've decided if you even want to stay with this lying clown.

Originally Posted by CandyBunnii View Post
Try it.

If you choose not to, then you'll risk losing your boyfriend.
If you choose to do it, then you'll have two boyfriends. If it works, awesome you kept your primary bf and gained another one. If it doesn't, you'll lose your bf.

Worse case scenario between the two is the exact same, so it's much better to choose the best case scenario between the two: to try poly.
If you do decide you want to stick with this guy, I agree with Candy here. Like anything else, sometimes we need to try new things to see if they work for us, certainly when there is a potential loss if we don't. Now that is not to say that we should change who we are or try and jam ourselves into a puzzle slot that just doesn't fit us, but *trying* something new to find out is not a bad thing.
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