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Originally Posted by KerrBear View Post
If you're in a successful poly relationship, do you still have desires to have casual, no strings sex with others? Or do you keep yourself now to only your poly partners?
I've had casual sex encounters in the past with people I'd just met and enjoyed it a great deal. It's something I've only done a couple of times and is not a primary interest for me. I'm much more interested in intimate connection and feelings of love these days so I am not moved to get involved in a casual sex type of situation (like swinging).

I don't have anything against swingers, it seems like a natural transition for people to move from monogamous to some form of swinging and then possibly to polyamory. I suppose my previous relationships could be seen as swinging-lite since we didn't do clubs or other swingers but there was plenty of restricted play with friends etc.

As far as sex with "no strings attached": I don't like the idea of assumptions being tacked on to my relationships or encounters. Not sure what "strings" come with having sex with someone, or falling in love with someone, but I know I don't want them tied to me!
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