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Default People blow my high...

I have an aversion to people older than me. Not all of them. Just the ones that think that age and experience have made them the be all and end all. Being older does not mean you know a fucking thing. 98% of the time, they only know half of what they think. I also have found that my older counterparts are some of the most messed up, overly opinionated, judgemental egotistical people I have ever had the most unfortunate pleasure of meeting.

There was a situation that recently happened. Everything that was said was subliminal, but I knew it was about me. I guess their lives are dull enough that I get to be the topic of choice. I am none too pleased by that because these same people have tee-hee-hee'd in my face. I think it is cowardice move to talk about someone behind their back. In the case of the church, I have met some of these same people there, too. Only they hide behind words. The bible.

I rile people up. Something about me makes people want to sit around and bash me and talk about me. I keep to myself. My life is dull and standard. I can be the sweetest or most venomous person one will ever cross. I am private. I dislike drama and messy peope, so I am antisocial at times. I work, take care of my children, and that is it. Yet, I am constantly being judged. It goes deeper than work and church. That idiotic family of mine and strangers are included. Here is a brilliant thought. Establish a rapport with me. Learn who I am, what I believe in and why, and get to know the real me before throwing subliminal shots and judging me like a contestant on Britain's Got Talent. I have done nothing to the people around me, but one would think otherwise. I just have a problem with people like this.

Unfortunately reel life and real life are nothing alike. If I had a button, I could push "Block" or "Ignore." Then, I could tune out the BS.

Back to work. Hopefully I will not have to go off on anyone, but my bitch mode button was pressed, so anything goes.
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