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Wink Hello all.... so, here's my situation..

...My situation is this. For the past 14 years, my husband and I have been incredibly linked in so many ways. They are closer than family, and yet there is a lot of spiritual and sexual tension surrounding us. I am bisexual, as is the wife in the couple. We are both linked so strongly we know when there's something wrong with the other. She has my heart, as does my husband, as does my best friend's husband.

I can try, in words, to describe what 'it' is, meaning what's between us four, although I can do my best. We have all been through hell together, and although we have hurt each other, there is ultimate and unconditional love and acceptance between us.

I strongly feel that we should merge our family, and K (the wife) concurs. We both feel that we all belong together.... the problem is convincing the men. Each has their own problems with the idea. J, K's husband, worries that there will be problems, (which there will, I mean, what couple doesn't have that, no matter the amount of those involved?) And my husband, well.. it hurts him to even know I have feelings for J (the husband). He does not mind my feelings for K, and lets us do what we want and be together, but he cannot tolerate me being with another man. the thought alone makes me crazy. But the funny thing is, I don't have to be intimate with J to be near him, we can remain outward friends and love each other the best we can without sexual contact, and my husband and K have my blessings to be together with no ill feelings. I trust these four more than life itself, and they all three mean something so special and sacred to me. I want us to be a family, but I don't see how it's going to happen? Then again, I feel that it will happen one day. We four are too close for all of us, even the most stubborn, to not see it eventually. It would be hard for my husband to get over his jealousy, though. and it would be hard for J ( the husband) to stop worrying that my husband would be too upset.

I want our family reunited. I want us all together. Unfortunately, they also live in CO, while we're in Florida. That's a long drive, lol... What are your suggestions? I know in my heart, we belong together, and I know deep in my heart that we all belong together.What can I do to introduce the idea slowly? I'm flying K out in two weeks and me, my husband and K are going on a romantic vacation together. I'm hoping that once he sees that the three of us can be together, that there's a possibility that this might work.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Whatcha all make of this situation?.

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