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thanks GS, good point. I brought it up because it is an example of where it all starts to go at the seams in relationships where cheating could happen. I know they don't have a poly relationship, but so many people come here having gone through the end result of this kind of trauma in their lives. These people look to poly in terms of getting some relief from their torment sometimes or because they actually are poly. It's almost as if some people look for a poly band-aid to help them heal. poly polysporin!!!! hahahaha!!!! (maybe this joke is for north americers?) new for the definitions?

anyway, back on track here.... what I'm saying is, this is the opportunity I was speaking about in terms of what advice to give people BEFORE they fuck up. Do you see what I mean? This was the whole reason I wrote this thread so that I know how to move forward from that desperate feeling I get, tight in the chest, kind of "oh no" feeling. I feel strongly when people are hurting and to watch cheating about to possibly happen and have nothing to say other than, "you shouldn't do that" isn't good enough for me. At least if I don't at least explore alternatives...

what do people think of the poly band-aid thing too...? Am I crazy or do I see that some use a poly lifestyle to avoid leaving their partners for good? just a thought.
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