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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
We've been celebrating LB's birthay at the cabin my parents built on one of the neighbouring islands. Its been a fun weekend of much relaxing. Almost slept last night. I'm hoping for a full night tonight. Something about freah air, quiet and change of scene. Its been out of the ordinary and that has heen good.

PN has been distracted and somewhat grumpy. He's not realky wanted to participate in events or activities and now as I write os preparing to set up bed in the car rather than spend another night in the cabin. I don't know what is going on but he seems distant.

Mono has spent the day merrily chatting with T and engaging in the family including my brother, step sister and parents. I seem to have fucked up communicating with T and don't know how to change that. She sees my grief as "slamming" Mono when I talk to her. She doesn't get me it seems. I am angry, in disbelief, sad, and waaaaay far behind their reality. Slamming him is part of that I'm sure but how do I get her to see my perspective? Oh. Ya. She's in lala land over him. I doubt I can.

Your issues with him are germane to your relationship with him. Not sure that its right or decent to lay your soul bare (or complain about him) to someone who doesn't want or need to hear it. Besides, if you were her, would you view someone like yourself as being remotely objective about Mono? Hope not.

Were I her, I'd avoid you like the plague, in a polite sort of way. Being in lala land would have nothing to do with it.
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