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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
What's the hurry? Why can't you just give it more time? My spouse has been in another relationship for over a year, and we still haven't all hung out together. Although, i am not really interested in that because i have other things i'd rather do with that time.
The hurry is that I'm being hormonal and pregnant

No, seriously though, I know there is not that much of a hurry, except that I will need him close a lot more often once the baby is here, and in my humble opinion it would be easier if we could all hang out together.

But if that doesn't happen..., that's their relationship, not mine and they will have to figure that out for themselves.

And again; this is not meant as a post on "how do I get my husband to do what I want" but a post one "I want to understand how my husband thinks, and he has a hard time explaining it to me in a way that I understand"

I find life is easier when I understand other people's view points. Not to mention that it enriches my life and my own world view.
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