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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
The reason he is "uncomfortable" having sex with her with you under the same roof is probably because maybe he would feel that way about ANYONE listening to them have sex, or even if you can't hear, HE might FEEL like he can't relax because he's thinking of you thinking of him and thinking about having sex with you while he's doing it with her and it weirds him out and he can't focus on the present? I don't think a person needs to be "wired" a certain way to be able to understand why someone may not want to have sex with one person while the other person is nearby. Also, i don't think it's that unusual for one partner to lean toward voyeurism or exhibitionism while the other prefers to not be seen or heard.

I guess I understand where this disconnect comes from. I wasn't talking about sex. I was talking about simple things like just watching tv together, or going out for dinner.

I do understand the weirdness around sex, even when I don't share those feelings. I don't understand the weirdness around just hanging out all together, obviously not all the time, just sometimes. Without interfering with the private time that each of us also needs of course.
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