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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Mono has a friend that is experiencing the demise of his marriage because he doesn't want to tell his wife that if they don't work out their sexual relationship he will be driven to go out and find someone else to have sex with. He doesn't want to hurt her by telling her that.

My point to him is that he has a choice of how the shit will hit the fan....

Although I'm not sure how applicable the discussion would be to this particular forum, It's one I would LOVE to see had somewhere !
This 'situation' is so common as to be almost standard and I personally have never seen what I felt was a good, honest discussion of how to proceed in these cases with sound logic and truly open minds.
If anyone happens to know of any really popular (high traffic) forum where this might get discussed it would be worth you (or someone) trying to stir that pot

Good luck

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