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Question To Poly or not

I am new so Ill just jump right in.I am 30, have muscular dystrophy and am in a wheelchair, I have been in a monogamous relationship with my BF(35) for the past 11 years and we have been living together at my mothers house. My BF moved out to another town about 45 mins away claiming it was to do something on his own. 2 weeks later I found out he was seeing another guy(19) and living in the same house, seperate bedrooms without my knowing for the past 6 months. He says they haven't had sex yet do to ED, which was a slight friction point during our relationship. It broke my heart I cried for 2 days, and the other guy suggested a 3 person relationship. My BF says he loves us both and wants to continue our relationship along with the other guy. I still love my BF, my mind is doubting it will work but my heart wants it to. I am not sure what to decide. To Poly or not to Poly.
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