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Default Totally new

My husband and I are completely new to the poly thing, but are trying it because he is extremely sexual and I am finally accepting/admitting that I am asexual.

I wanted to join this site to get some support and insight on how to approach this new (to us) kind of relationship. So far I have been ok with it, even feeling compersion, but he's only been on a couple first dates and no second dates yet. That may change soon, though and I'd like to have someplace to ask questions about it all.

I am also on the forums at AVEN with the same user name. In fact, someone over there directed me here.

Anyway, just wanted to say, "Hello," and give a small introduction.
Asexual woman married to J, a very sexual/kinky man. I'm unemployed and home alone most of the time so I tend to get a little stir crazy.

J and I are completely new to poly and trying it out to get both our needs met without abandoning our relationship, which works tremendously well on every other level.

J has recently started dating L and says he thinks he loves her. I am alternately happy and terrified about it.
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