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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Don't push it. Just because it's what you want, doesn't mean what you want gets to over-ride what THEY want. If you're really so OMG OK with it like you keep repeating as though you are trying to convince yourself, then let go of this fixation on being all together under the same roof and generously letting them have the master bedroom.

To be completely candid with you, and you probably won't like hearing this, but you are beginning to sound obsessive and a little creepy to me. If i were your husband or his girlfriend, i'd ask for a meeting to discuss "boundaries". You say you're "ok", she's "ok" but clearly, one of you is NOT "ok" and that would be HIM.

tl;dr If you are so "ok" with their relationship, butt out of micromanaging the sleeping arrangements and let them have their space, whatever that means to them.

Thanks. I appreciate honesty. One of the reasons why I sound obsessive here is because I feel like I can let it out here without bothering either of them.

This post is not about "how can I get my way" but really because I want to understand. I can understand why a girlfriend might not be comfortable being with the wife and I can understand how a wife might not be comfortable being with the girlfriend. I cannot quite understand how the person who loves both persons cannot be comfortable sharing time with both....

I am just looking to understand

As for me butting in: I have talked to her twice after this happened and only once about this entire situation. I don't interfere with their sleeping arrangements and I let them have as much space as I can handle at the moment.

I do talk to my husband, but that's because I'm someone who processes things by talking. He is strong enough to tell me to butt out, or to be patient, so I feel safe enough to not have to withhold anything from him.
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