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I'm a hinge.
We live together.

However-it is very important to ME to have some privacy in each of my relationships.

It is very meaningful to me, and appreciated, that both of them will ask "how was your day" and allow me to decide if I want to elaborate upon what I did with the other. Instead of trying to drag out of me any details I may or may not feel like sharing.

That said, if there is ANYTHING that could questionably be important, I share it and if for some reason a specific question is asked, I answer it-because honesty is a critical topic to me.
But really-I don't want to re-live every moment with GG, when I'm with Maca or vice versa-I want to spend my time alone with them focused on my time with them-not my time with the other one.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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