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Default Non-Binary

Yes, I did at first ask that they just slow down and he spend more time engaged with me so I didn't feel like he was just punching a clock with me so he could spend time with her. He got to the point where he wouldn't even kiss me in front of her for fear that she might be upset with him. The more I asked him to spend time with me, the less time he actually did. He forbid me from contacting him if I thought they might be together when he wasn't at home. For me, it became a 'me or her' ultimatum when I saw the texts on his phone from her talking about how in love they were. He told me they were just friends many times, and to 'get the hell over it'. I can sympathize to a certain extent, but there is no excuse for blatant deceit. Once I realized they were having an affair behind my back, I decided there was no way this woman could ever stay in my life. His behavior when he was at her house with our son has caused confusion and fear for our son as well. There is no room in my family for her anymore. I believe its one thing to not be able to stop a sexual or emotional affair, but to manipulate and lie to an injured party and make them feel like they're the problem is just cruel.
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