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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I am glad you're planning to breastfeed. Besides having nursed my 3, I am also a long time lactation specialist for an international breastfeeding support group.

Just a note about that 4-8pm period-- in the normal course of the day, you have more milk, but it's more watery, in the early part of the day. In the evening, around 4-8, 5-10, something like that, most newborns want to nurse more, sometimes almost continuously, because the mother's milk is of less quantity, but higher in fat and calories. So, it's more like cream, and actually is drawn out of the breasts more slowly. Give yourself a good six weeks, to allow the baby to meet her nutritional needs this way, especially as she's learning to nurse and growing so fast.

It's recommended you get chores done and dinner cooked before the "witching hour" when you can depend on her being fussy and hungry.

After 4-6 weeks you can start trying her on bottles of your pumped milk, if you find that convenient. Earlier than that, you run the risk of nipple confusion.
Yep, that's awesome. I love bfing <3 I nursed my first daughter my whole pregnant and about 6 weeks after baby got here. After this baby weans I will have nursed 7+ years
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