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Default Any hinges in a V care to shed some light?

(yes, I know I'm posting here a lot. Too much probably. sorry!!)

Ok; My husband is a hinge (that's what you call it right?) in a V with me and a girlfriend.

I have zero issue with seeing them together and hanging out together. From the short chat that I had with her, it seems that she doesn't have much issue with it either.

I love hearing about their dates together, what they did, how it went, etc. She has no issue with him mentioning me in a conversation (as in; "Sandra and I went to see my parents"). I know this, because she told me.

Yet... my lovely darling husband seems to do his very best to not ever mention me in most conversations with her. "I am going to see my parents" instead of a simple "we are going to see my parents". My husband is the one who is resisting us all being together (just for lunch or dinner, not talking about sex) and finds it awkward to even suggest it to her.

I'd love for us to be able to spend the night together. I wouldn't even mind trying to sleep in the second bedroom while they have the master bedroom. Yet, it would be "too awkward" for my husband.

Anyway... I can accept that this is how he feels, but I don't understand and he doesn't seem to be able to explain it to me. I am not wired like other people, and I don't have the cultural background that he has. So I just want to understand, put myself in his shoes...

Is there anyone here who feels or felt the same, and who would like to try and explain it to me?
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