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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I can only answer this question in the theoretical sense as I've never been in this position. I think if I were to not have a 'primary' relationship I might enjoy being a secondary to 2 or 3 people (at least for a while). It seems to me that in that role when I was with my SO's it would be all about 'us' without all the day to day stuff that gets in the way of truly focusing on being together.

Oh that there could be more of you Derby !<chuckle>
Can we clone you ? <kidding>

I've always felt that it's a better way to strive for independence on an individual level (physical, emotional) and that if you can achieve that then when someone else comes into your life it's just that much more of an addition rather than a dependence. We're all successful at that to varying degrees but I feel we're better to continue working towards it even within a relationship. There are enough outside factors that try to hinder that as it is without us contributing to that hindrance.

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