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Originally Posted by Ssandra View Post
... the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first month or 2 of having the baby he will have less time for her. They are both aware of that and obviously ok with it.
Not so obviously, that is why I asked. As a mother of 3, let me tell you, infants are demanding for a lot longer than a month or 2. More like 2 years! Some things get easier once the newborn stage is past, you might have a nice lull of a settled baby, but then teething starts and oh boy.

Or you might get a "spirited child" who is just more needy 24/7 for years. Luck of the draw...

I don't necessarily feel competitive with her, it is more like all my own insecurities are being pushed out into the open, no matter how unrealistic they are. And they are harder to handle because of the hormones.
Becoming poly really can make you dig deep into your issues and insecurities. It kinda comes with the territory. It's a blessing really, but hard to deal with! It can be like a rollercoaster, even when you're not pregnant!

I don't feel like it is fair to say that they can only be together once a week, or put a limit on their relationship. It is new, they are in happy sweet puppy love, she is terrified of the heavy feelings she is feeling for him already.... I just want to be as supportive as possible and give their relationship every chance possible to succeed.
I'm sorry, but, pffft! Most people put some kind of limits on how often the metamour can be seen. Being in a V is much much different than being in a mono thing.

Personally, in my 4+ years of being partnered with my gf, I've almost always seen other lovers once a week at most. Right now I've got a serious bf, we've been together 1 1/2 years and Ive just started seeing him more than once a week, that is, one overnight and one daytime date. However, he has a wife of his own and things to do! That's about all he can manage time-wise as well.
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