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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Does Franklin even post here? I have seen people post links to his blog but never seen him post himself....I don't see the point at having a go at him when he won't even see it!
Here's the thing. It seems like dirtcustard has a theory, hypothesis, or fantasy that "someone" (such as perhaps myself and maybe others?) on this forum are sock-puppets of Mr. Veaux.

If indeed that be as such, I find it perplexingly flattering. And I do not throw adverbs around like spit-bombs.

If I am like, totally trippin', yo, or whatever, then I am relieved to admit that I am crazy and nothing is wrong with the Universe.

Either way, I win. That is just super-grooovy.

And for the record, I am not Franklin. Ask Imaginary Illusion or Magdlyn. They know.

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