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Happy sunday!

Woke up still feeling pissed but then Nisha came over to my room (I slept in the guestroom last night) and we talked it out in the morning.

We finally understood each other and where we were coming from. I realised that I hadn't expressed myself clearly last night either, so there was a lot of miscom flying about. We're trying to figure out how we can minimise these miscoms... I guess it's never a 100% unavoidable, but two things I want us to really work on:
1) Prevent miscom as much as possible
2) When we do miscom, step back and understand each other as quickly (and calmly) as possible

We both can flare up pretty quickly at times and when we're angry it's just so much harder to understand each other! I hate when that happens...

Do you guys have lots of miscom too? What steps do you take to prevent miscom in your relationships and how do you fix it when it does happen? Is practice and patience all it takes? I'm curious and would like to know how you'll deal with it. Any advice is much appreciated

Have a great sunday you all! Peace and love!
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