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Default Calm er down

I have to agree with Emm. I have been reading this thread as it progressed and now I think it's time for my two cents, since you are, after all, posting to a public site.

I was curious where all you hostilities toward the author stemmed from so I went back an read some of his pages.
The Poly Mistakes headline really stood out to me. They way he writes is out front. Candy coating is not the way to get the word out.
Like this:
Put simply, your decisions and your actions have consequences for both your partners and your relationships, and you bear responsibility for these consequences--even if you feel that your decisions were appropriate and justified, even if you feel that your actions were expressly permitted by the rules of your relationship.
Could that be anymore clear?

I don't know what you have against the author to be so offended that he's writing from a point of view you don't agree with. Most things are written from a third party/unattached point of view! Things like research papers, newspapers and even the Bible!

So scoop your panties out of your ass and untie that silly anarchist knot.
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