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So, this long-awaited conversation with the former beau has not yet happened yet, due to various fairly legit delays on both sides. Now scheduled for this coming Weds. I am getting impatient, but trying not to get my hopes up.

What HAS been interesting is that ever since he asked to talk, he has been making an effort to write me emails now and then, light little missives about the general goings-on in his life. The thing is, chatty emails are NOT this guy's thing. He's an in-person person and doesn't really connect through electronic means (in fact, he's often offline for days at a time). So this is something he is doing on purpose because he thinks i'd like it.

I find that interesting. And one of the things that stuck with me most from when we split up was that he said "I feel sad about this, because you are the first real friend I've made since i moved back here." (he lived in Europe... SIX years ago!)

Anyway, should my pitch to try to get him to buy into my version of poly fail -- and i think it's more likely to fail than to succeed -- perhaps I will try to keep this man as some sort of friend. It would be nice to have a poly friend to compare notes with.
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