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Ok so ^^ that was a bad day.

Moving on to bigger brighter things!

Low and behold the inner-musings of a woman during her everyday babbles

So today started with mimosa's, forgive me if I lose you.

lets talk food costs shall we?

You cut up three strawberries. The child consumes 1/4 of one, u presume.

Now, if a carton of strawberries costs 4.99, and there's roughly 50 strawberries to a container then that works out to be about 10 cents a strawberry.
So, by deducing that 1/4 of a strawberry made it in to the child then 2.5 cents was consumed leaving 27.5 cents on your floor.

That's 27.5 cents worth of strawberry that someone unknowingly ate after you picked it up of the floor and if you wanted her to kiss you then you shouldn't tell her.

Inside I'm on the floor rolling around in a fit of hysteria.
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