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We having another fight again, over some stupid misunderstanding during dinner. Sometimes its so depressing when things could be so awesome but instead our stubborn egos make sure they aren't.

Nisha said something I misunderstood because of my selective hearing. So I asked her about what she meant, but she didn't answer my question because she hadn't realised that I had misunderstood her in the first place. Eventually instead of asking each other to explain ourselves, we started accusing each other for saying the wrong thing.

We fought a good two hours, even writing down what we had said trying to find the misunderstanding. We finally did but now Nisha seems more pissed off that we fought in the first place, rather than appreciate that we finally understood where we were coming from. And she seems to be accusing me of giving her a hard time because I hadn't understood which I think is really unfair. There have been countless times when she's taken something I've said in a wrong way and I've had to spend DAYS trying to make her see what I meant. I feel like I'm not allowed to have my own insecurities, that I'm the one who's wrong for misunderstanding something... but when it's the other way around, it's again my fault for not considering her insecurities and expressing myself properly...

Sometimes it feels like she's more concerned about being right than understanding why I've misunderstood her.

Now I'm in a bad mood and just needed to vent. Things ought to be better again by tomorrow morning, after a good night of sleep. We've both been really tired and stressed lately and that's probably why we're just taking out on each other right now.
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