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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post

But still, don't get roped into doing all that driving. I've been driving between Providence, western RI, Worcester, the Boston area, and now southern RI for the past 8 years (mostly because of various jobs, sometimes because of various men), and it gets wearisome.

Seriously, the kid needs to get a car.
Yes, I agree! I do love young men, their enthusiasm, humor, freshness and horniness is a lot of fun, but otoh they almost never have much money and even if they have a car, they may not have gas in it!

Another youngun contacted me on okc a couple days ago... same situation. Yummy looking, artistic, smart, friendly, charming, many shared interests, but he was living with his long time gf, she dumped him, he got depressed, couldn't afford the whole rent, sold his car to pay rent, still couldn't manage, and moved back in with his parents near Boston. sigh...

Love your blog, by the way, Mags. Fun and inspiring!
Thanks, Meera!
I had the nicest daytime date with Ginger 2 days ago. It's been a while since we've actually gone OUT together, what with all the moving business. But this was different. First I drove to his place along lovely backroads, he showed me his huge clusters of fragrant blooming wisteria and other flowering and budding plants around his place. Then, I drove, since he is feeling very congested from pollen allergies (ironic for a nature lover) and we went to 3 thrift stores/consignment stores in his town and surrounding towns. (My ex h hated to shop, I love that Ginger likes it!)

Finally he had me drive to a nature trail up a big hill to see the pretty view. Oh, it was so nice to be out and about instead of work work work. I'm almost feeling human again! After the hike, we came back to his place for a snack and water. Then back to my cute little house.

Today I am going to miss p's to drop off boxes. My son will be there for a few days to help her pack. I believe she'll be all ready for the movers in a week or so! I will be coming back after a short visit since I am in charge of the dog, and need to keep unpacking, and making space for all her stuff!
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