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Talking Good Evening, Everyone!

Hello, my name is Heather. I believe I am poly, even though my husband is pretty much turned off on the idea now. We attempted a group of three before but it was disastrous. I believe now that the problem was that we were thinking strictly with our privates, and not our hearts, if I may be so crass?

It was disastrous because we randomly chose a female that just happened to be into us both (though I was not really into her, just missing a female) and she was half my age, and the epitome of the perfect female, skinny and perfect, and I'm just a chubby mom, lol, and it, to be honest, tweaked my jealousy button a bit too much. But there were so many factors involved. One of which that she always had a wall up. Not only did I not have feelings for her, which I believe was my biggest wall, but she wore a mask, if you can understand my meaning, and there was none of her true self coming through. I intuited at the time that the most important part of this was to share feelings, emotions, fears, joys, and the like (most important for us, and where we were, and what me and my partner were looking for). There was none of that stuff. Just the sexual part, but none of the love and closeness.

Anyway, that was my one experience with Polyamory. I hope to talk more about where I am in my life and what brought me here in the appropriate forum. Hope all is well, and I'm happy to be part of the clan!

Love and Light!

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