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Default another weekend

been a bit since I have added anything here. Lots has gone on over the last couple of weeks including our first ripple in the v. It has been 2 weeks since D and J have been together sexually for several reasons. D and I were away for 1 overnight out of town trip so that weekend didn't work out for them, the next one was a combo of things, he didn't get in from his job till very late that friday, saturday he had a bout of bad behavior so to speak going to his ex inlaws for a lake party and being to drunk to drive home (although give him and them kudos for not actually driving in that condition). Sunday brought a little rift....little but an evening ruiner that was resolved right away and that makes 2 weeks in a row since he is only home weekends.

This weekend should be a good one with her being in a good mood, forgiving the rift between them and him already being home for the weekend. D and I have talked and I am going to let them have the run of the house tonight for some alone time since I have had her all to myself for the last couple of weeks. She is out at her weekly girls evening then home to him and I will be out for the night so they can enjoy eachothers company. Will post again when I hear how things went and more about our weekend.....that is if there is anyone interested....if not maybe it's time I keep it to
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